The Crew

Víctor E. D. Somoza

Not even a line is his third short film as director. His previous film, 5 Million (2011), has won ten awards and has participated at more than 100 film festivals worldwide.

Víctor E.D. Somoza was born in Madrid. Ever since he was little it has been his dream to tell stories, so he spent years preparing himself to do just that.

When he was 18, he moved to Barcelona to study film directing at the Center for Cinematographic Studies in Catalonia (CECC), where he co-directed his first 16mm short film called Mr. Metacarpo.
Upon finishing his studies in film directing, he enrolled in the School of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts in Madrid and got a diploma in film editing. Since then, he has worked as an editor for production companies like El Deseo, Globomedia and Boomerang TV.

His extensive editing experience has provided his films as director with rhythm and strength. Although it is common to see him carrying out different production roles, he enjoys directing the actors more than anything, coming up with ideas for each scene and developing his own voice in the world of cinema.

Victor is currently working on writing his first feature film as director, a project that he is juggling with his job as post-production coordinator and editor for the TV series El Secreto de Puente Viejo (The Secret of the Old Bridge), produced by Boomerang TV and broadcast by Antena 3.


Selica Torcal

Selica Torcal is a veteran to theater, television and film.
She has worked for the most important theater companies in Spain: Teatro Español (Spanish Theater), Teatro de la Comedia (Comedy Theater), Teatro María Guerrero (María Guerrero Theater), alongside famous artists like Concha Velasco.

On television, she played the endearing Juana in Con el culo al aire, and she has participated in critically acclaimed series like Gran Hotel and El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time).
Meanwhile, she has developed an impressive career as a voice artist, doing voice-overs for famous characters like Heidi, and for actresses like Teresa Wright, Shirley McLane, Jennifer Jones, Ann Baxter and Paulette Godard.


Milagros Morón

Milagros recently discovered the pleasure of acting when she got a role on the successful Antena 3 program Los Mayores Gamberros. This hidden camera program is authentic actor training: it combines the traditional work of acting with improvisation in the midst of a real public in the street.
Milagros’ talent stood out on the program and she began to work regularly in theater groups and perform various television roles.

Not even a line is her first role for the big screen. Her spontaneity, character and ability to analyze the script have allowed her bring Rosario to life.


Gladys Guzmán

Gladys studied acting and directing at the National Art School in her home country of Cuba. She finished her training with an international practical course called Cuballet at the ProDanza Academy in Cuba.
Once she became established as an actress in Cuba, she decided to take the plunge and try her luck in Europe. Her first destination was Barcelona, where she developed a successful career in the theater world.

Gladys has worked in film, television, theater and in productions like: Cuarteto de la Habana (by Fernando Colomo), Los Simuladores (Cuatro), Era el amor como un simio y viceversa (by Martín Acosta), Ana (Cuban National Opera), and Nina Rusas (by Pau Freixa).


Jon Urrutia

Jon has had a particular fondness for art ever since he was little, so when he was in Bilbao he combined his studies in acting with interior design.
When he came to Madrid, he continued pursuing his acting degree and studied at the Juan Codina studio. Later he began acting in the Madrid theater scene (Kids, Illusio) and for different short films, in addition to the feature-length film Ma ma by Julio Medem.

Jon has made the saying “there’s no such thing as a small part, only small actors” come true by giving subtle nuances and irony to the waiter in Not even a line, thus creating the perfect antagonist for the short film.


Nadia Mata Portillo

Nadia Mata Portillo was accepted at the ECAM at the age of 19 to study film direction. She graduated after producing the short film Preguntas Frecuentes, which has participated at various international festivals and has won various other awards.
Even then she demonstrated a special gift for telling everyday stories with magical endings.

After finishing her studies at the ECAM, she co-wrote the TV Movie Un carro cargado de paciencia which won the “Primer Premio de la Academia de la Televisión Pilar Miró” (The Pilar Miró First Prize for the Academy of Television).
She is currently working as a director of commercials, filming spots for brands like Google, Electrolux, Alsa, Pullmantur, Litoral and Idealista.
Two of the short films she has directed, I love Madrid and Marceline Blurr have been enormously popular at international film festivals.

In her films, Nadia is able to create a connection with the spectator through the actors’ brilliant performances and the elegant aesthetics of the scenes.
Not even a line is her third collaboration with Víctor Díaz Somoza as a scriptwriter, following 5 Million and Un cementerio de hombres descalzos (A cemetery of barefoot men).


Chema Cardosa

In 2008, Chema Cardosa began a performing arts degree in Málaga (ESAD) where he worked as a director’s assistant for the theater productions Muñequitas and Otros ojos.
When he came to Madrid, he decided to focus his studies on scriptwriting and graduated with a master’s degree from the Factoría del Guión (the Script Factory) in 2014.

He currently combines his work as a scriptwriter for commercials with his own writing projects for both short and feature films.
Not even a line is his first collaboration with Víctor E.D. Somoza, one in which he portrays his tragicomic view of life and endows the short film’s characters with humanity.


Octavio Arias

Octavio, born in Madrid in 1987, began to show true passion for photography and cinema from a very young age. When he got his first job was as an assistant photographer in fashion and advertising, he realized that his calling could actually become a way of life.

After meddling briefly with the camera crew, he began to work as a director of photography for music videos, short films, commercials and for brands like Volkswagen, Daikin, La Caixa, Adeslas, Pascual, Milka, Bershka, Forever 21, Uno de 50, Accenture and Google.

As a lover of the photochemical process, he owns a Super 16mm camera that he uses to film short experimental pieces.
His work is inspired by observed reality and natural light, and he shows incredible versatility and technique for adapting to any type of project. His passion is telling stories through images.


Jorge Viñals

Jorge Viñals is a music composer, producer and sound engineer born in Madrid and living in Barcelona.

After years of both classical training and arduous work with different instruments, he became a musical hybrid that can not only write an elegant piano piece or an arrangement for strings, but also a wide variety of electronic music — and he has no problem roaming through more experimental landscapes when the project or the day calls for it.


Julia Yago

Julia began her involvement in the world of cinema by getting a degree from the ECAM in scriptwriting. Once she completed her studies, she performed various jobs in the audiovisual field with impressive results: cultural management for film and audiovisual productions, conceptualization, design and production of cultural projects both online and offline.
She programs educational, professional and informational activities related to the film industry, as well as scriptwriting, production and editing.

Her most notable work in the field has been her job as assistant director for the Notodofilmfest for the past six years.
At the moment, she is immersed in the pre-production of Víctor E.D. Somoza’s next short film called Un cementerio de hombres descalzos (A cemetery of barefoot men).


Verónica Callón

Verónica Callón González is the editor of the short film Not even a line. A graduate in art history with a degree in editing from the ECAM, she has a stunning and successful film and television career.

Verónica is the editor of the blockbuster movies El guardián invisible (The Invisible Guardian, 2017), Palmeras en la nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow, 2015), Tengo ganas de ti (I Want You, 2012), Fuga de cerebros II (Brain Drain II, 2011) and Tres metros sobre el cielo (Three Meters Above Heaven, 2010), each displaying editing work that stands out for its rhythm and elegance.

On television, Verónica has worked on big productions like Los hombres de Paco, El barco, El chiringuito de Pepe and Olmos y Robles, all of which are successful series with high ratings.


Ignacio Román Muñoz

Ignacio Román Muñoz has had a long trajectory as a sound designer, performing work related to design, post-production, and editing and mixing for film, television and commercials. His technical perfectionism and command of audiovisual language allow him to adapt to all kinds of projects, adding dramatic value to the sound for the stories.

Ignacio’s versatility and talent are reflected in the amount of productions he has worked on, most notably his current job as sound designer for El secreto de Puente Viejo (The Secret of the Old Bridge) where he coincided with Víctor E.D. Somoza.
He has worked on television productions such as Toledo, Alatriste, Familia, among others.
His most notable work in cinema has been for films like Hable con ella (Talk to Her), La noche de los girasoles (The Night of the Sunflowers), La mala educación (Bad Education), Soldados de Salamina (Soldiers of Salamis) and La vida que te espera (The Life that Awaits You).


Eduardo Parrilla

Eduardo was born in Albacete in 1980. He got his degree in art direction and scenography from the TAI School of Arts and Spectacles in Madrid. Since 2008, he has been working as an art director on a number of short films like: Elena Asins-Génesis (by Álvaro Giménez), Dolores (by Manuela Moreno), Leñador y la mujer América (NYSU Films), and Hostal Edén (by Gonzaga Manso).

Currently, Eduardo is one of the most recognized art directors in the advertising world, having worked for some of the largest production companies today: CANADA, Garlic, Planta Films, Zissou, Attic Films and Nysuflims, and doing advertising for brands like: Deustche MBank, Nivea, Ds, Kelloggs, Mahou and El País.

After participating in BERLINALE TALENT 2016, Eduardo is now carrying out his first international projects in France and Germany.


María García Selva

Maria G Selva, born in Albacete, has stood out since childhood because of her big imagination and her innate ability to combine her creativity with the necessary technical ability to express her ideas. She studied visual arts and design in her home town and later went on to get a degree in visual arts and fashion design in Madrid, where she took full advantage of the opportunity to experience fashion first hand. A course in window dressing was all it took for her to become fascinated by display creation. After more than four years working as a window dresser and visual merchandiser, she received a job as a costume designer for the short film D.O. Denominación de Origen, an experience that, without a doubt, led her towards the audiovisual world. Since then, she has worked as an assistant art director in the short film Madres de Luna and as an art director for others like Verde Pistacho and Exhalación, and she has also begun to meddle in the production of commercials. While designing the wardrobe for the short film Not even a line, she managed to create an iconic garment — Rosario’s tracksuit — and to give personality and charm to each one of the characters and extras through their attire.


Bianca González

Bianca studied audiovisual communication at the Rey Juan Carlos University. When she finished her degree, she knew for a fact that she wanted to be a make-up artist. In order to get there, she decided to prepare herself the best way possible by doing various courses in schools like Truhko Makeup, Hairstaff Professional Training Center and at the Asociación de maquilladores españoles para cámara y focos (the Association for Spanish Make-Up Artists).

Her high level of training and great skill have allowed her to work for brands like Idealista, El Corte Inglés, the digital magazine Mas Mag, in some ‘making of’ series like El Príncipe and El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time), Alejandro Amenábar’s music video Me encanta for the Nancys Rubias, and in short films such as Not even a line and Mas acá.


Clara Used Plaza

As a lover of cinema, she spent six years working amid film material at the Filmoteca Española (Spanish Cinemathèque).
Little by little, she decided to take part in the art of film production by getting involved with directing department during the shootings. Because of that, she has formed part of the directing crew for national and international TV series: Águila Roja, Olmos y Robles, Game of Thrones, Cuéntame como pasó and La zona, and short films: Not even a line (by Víctor Díaz Somoza), Ensayo de vida (by María Reyes Arias). In addition, she has worked as the script girl for various short films: The beginning (by Benito Zambrano), Hijas (by the Prada brothers), and feature films: Conducta Animal (by Miguel Romero) and La final (by Valerio Boserman).

Behind the scenes